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SYNOPSIS: Ben had bigger dreams than serving chai lattes to hipsters. He had wanted to be a singer and a songwriter. But life doesn't always follow the script we try to write. Ben has a family and bills to pay. So when he's offered a manager position at the coffee shop, his financial problems seemed to be solved. Then a new reality television show - the Song - comes to town. Without him knowing it, Ben's precocious 10-year-old daughter has entered Ben in the competition. Now Ben must decide if he'll pick up the microphone, along with a shattered relationship he left behind, to pursue the life he was meant to lead.


RELEASE DATE: 10th February, 2016

DIRECTOR: Andew Lauer

CAST: Cheyenne Jackson, Kevin Pollak, Christine Woods

The One I Wrote For You

110 mins | Family, Drama | 2015

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