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SYNOPSIS: Tom, a teenage loner, dreams of becoming a rock star, but feels thwarted by his God-fearing single mother, Mary. When an intimidating stranger moves into the flat below and plays loud rock music at all hours, Tom recognises him as disgraced guitarist Max Stone, from rock band "Nothing", who had disappeared presumed dead years earlier owing a fortune in unpaid tax. Tom agrees not to reveal him to the authorities on condition that Max, now known as Steve, teaches him rock guitar. Tom soon learns what it takes to be a real Rock Star! A teenager gets schooled in lessons of music and life by an ageing rock star.


RELEASE DATE: 16th September, 2015

DIRECTOR: John Williams 

CAST: Luke Perry, Nicholas Galitzine, Lisa Dillon

OUR REVIEW: "We all know of aged rock stars who have disappeared from the music scene but this comedy-drama tells the story of what happens when a music-obsessed teenager blackmails his idol and brings him out of hiding.

The Beat Beneath My Feet

91 mins | Comedy, Drama, Family | 2015

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