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SYNOPSIS: Inspired by the music of singer-songwriter Wes Cunningham, Sironia is the story of a talented musician who has been chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood music machine. Frustrated by his broken career, Thomas Fisher and his wife Molly impulsively pack up and move to small town Sironia, Texas to live a more authentic life and raise their first child near Molly's brother and his family. Despite the change of scenery, Thomas's deep resentment over his lost dreams gets the best of him as he struggles to find peace with his stalled career, until he remembers what he loved about music, and Molly, in the first place.


RELEASE DATE: 3rd December, 2015

DIRECTOR: Brandon Dickerson

CAST: Wes Cunningham, Amy Acker, Tony Hale, Jeremy Sisto, Courtney Ford

OUR REVIEW: "When Tommy’s dreams of a music career come crashing down, he comes to realise that, ‘Sometimes the most challenging journeys bring us to the greatest prize.'"


105 mins | Drama, Family | 2015

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