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HIS love really is LOUD AND KRAZY

You know how there's films and then there's films?

There's films that aren't just something you watch and forget. They're the ones that mark a before and after. They're the ones that make it into your dreams and do something to your bones as if the change is permanent.


It's one of those films.

I don't remember much of the whole KoRn phenomenon, to be honest. At that time—the mid-nineties—I was busy being a giant nerd in high school, getting As in English (not P.E. or Maths, *sigh*) and having an extremely tame social life. I wasn't exactly riding the wild waves of the heavy metal scene.

But I remember them, sure.

I thought they were scary.

So when I watched LOUD KRAZY LOVE, which traces the journey of KoRn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch and how he walked away from the band at the height of their fame—there was still a little of that fear there—of the skinny adolescent me who was made uncomfortable by the kind of unleashed pain, anger and darkness that KoRn embraced back then.

But like I say, this film: It's a before-and-after film.

There was something that happened while I watched—in following Brian's journey as he made himself completely vulnerable on camera—all that footage from all those years—the good, the bad, the embarrassing—and shared how his heart was changed and how God used his love for his daughter to bring such healing to both of them...

To the point where, when we reached the part where God brought KoRn back together, I cried.

It was so beautiful. So naturally, supernaturally, classically—"that's so God" kind of beautiful—where you suddenly have this revelation about just how big and senseless and unleashed God's love is. He loves KoRn. I mean—he REALLY loves KoRn. Not in the Sunday School workbook kind of way, but in the loud, crazy, all-of-heaven-is-gonna-pour-out-on-these-guys-any-minute-God's-so-beside-himself kind of way. And he feels that way about every pain-filled metal-head in the crowd, too.

It literally doesn't matter what kind of music people play, or listen to—it doesn't matter what they wear or where they've been or what they've done, God's love for them is loud and crazy.



If you would like to go see


for yourself

(and especially if you would like to meet Brian 'Head' Welch in person!)

then go to

and get your ticket NOW!


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