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To Look in the Face of Your Own Execution

Not something I do every day.

But it is exactly what "those boys"—Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran—did.

And Execution Island, the new short film about the night they died, takes us there with them.

It is a shatteringly powerful film.

The power is in the truth of it. Yes, this film recounts true events, most particularly the overwhelming goodness of God in the midst of a situation that seemed irredeemable.

But also: this film portrays a wider, and at the same time more personal truth:

Execution is what we all deserve.

What this film left me with, personally, was compelling, tangible gratitude for the grace of God. Because Jesus faced his execution—for my sins—the execution that I deserve—I don't have to.

And when these boys did face theirs, when they were forced to pay for their sins with their lives, then God made that sacrifice a thing of such beauty and joy that it was wholly redeemed. In the way that only God can redeem something—in the way that only a perfect Father of perfect kindness and holiness who chooses to die—can redeem something.

And the fact that we all deserve execution, but only some, caught in a flawed government system, ultimately pay that price, is what makes the death penalty so unjust.

Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice on the cross so that we can have redemption and forgiveness, and access to the wondrous power and presence of God in difficult circumstances.

For this and so many other reasons, Execution Island is a film that needs to be seen.

Find out how you can show it for your church/small group/ community at

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