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10 Tips for Romance All Year Long!

The holidays can be so romantic, but we also know that relationships take work all year around!

The film New Life is a great reminder of how important it is to show love to your partner each day. Here are 10 tips from New Life that will help keep the romance going all year long!

1. Reminisce About When You First Fell In Love

2. Continue to Surprise Each Other

3. Apologies Are Important

4. Keep Things Interesting!

5. Make Time for Each Other

6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

7. Tell Your Partner Why You Appreciate Them

8. Be Considerate of One Another

9. Deal With Things As a Team

10. Keep Saying “I Love You”

New Life will be in cinemas nationally December 6th.

“I was drawn in from the first scene and found myself impacted on every possible emotional level.” – Jim Stovall, NY Times Best-Selling Author of The Ultimate Gift

“It’s about making you feel something that maybe you didn’t know you could feel. Or forgot you could feel. That’s what NEW LIFE did for me.” – All Things Fadra

“NEW LIFE is amazing! It will breathe new life into your soul!” – Debbie Matenopoulos, Home & Family TV

“NEW LIFE is a well-orchestrated movie about a deep and caring love story. For anyone who wants to see a contemporary love story, this is a good place to start!” – Movieguide

“A bittersweet tale of undying love!” – Baret News

“NEW LIFE is one of those films that will endure for generations. The film blends romance, comedy as well as adversity in a real life story that millions will identify with.” – Michael C. Catt, Executive Producer of Fireproof, Courageous, and Woodlawn

“NEW LIFE deserves huzzahs for simply having two people fall in love sans gimmicks. It’s a heartfelt ode to marriage, commitment and the harsh realities that sometimes come our way.” – Hollywood in Toto

“NEW LIFE presents a wonderful message of hope with a. quality script, direction and acting. Erin Bethea and Jonathan Patrick Moore shine in the lead roles!” - The Dove Foundation

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