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SYNOPSIS: Manny Cortez (Esai Morales, NYPD Blue) has scrimped and saved to buy a two-bedroom home for his family so that his girls can attend Westbrook High where his beloved late father was the basketball coach. No sooner does the Cortez family move into the suburban school district, than the school board announces that Westbrook High will close at the end of the year to be consolidated into a new "super-school" to save money.Long known for being one of the top schools in the state, with extraordinary teachers and parent involvement, the staff and students decide to fight back. Charismatic English literature teacher Elijah Bennet (Coby Ryan McClaughlin, Parenthood) leads the charge with drama teacher Doris Howell (Loretta DeVine, Grey's Anatomy), but has to deal with the new principal, Dr. Christine Walker, who was a fellow student at Westbrook many years ago. Despite their different views, there is a bond and some sparks remain.Perhaps the most passionate about saving the school are the students, especially shy and insecure Jasper who emerges as a leader. In the end, they all discover the value of family and community, finding a place where you truly belong and uniting to fight for the right cause.


RELEASE DATE: 24th November, 2015

DIRECTOR: Gary Wheeler

CAST: Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Esai Morales, Coby Ryan McLaughlin

OUR REVIEW: "This family-friendly movie makes us all think about that memorable teacher (the strict one, the passionate one or the crazy one!) and what can be achieved when loyal teachers, students and parents unite to fight for what they believe in.

Saving Westbrook High

90 mins | Family | 2015

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